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Achieve freedom with an authenticity, life coach.

Self-discovery is an intimate, individual process. I conduct one-on-one sessions virtually or over the phone and facilitate introspection through guided prompts. We'll uncover your goals, desires, and limiting factors, and then learn how to empower yourself to take action. 


Complimentary Discovery Session

  • An information session where I learn about your end goal and we see where I can help you achieve it.

3-Month Program

  • Includes 6 one-hour sessions to encourage you to live authentically without restrictions.

6-Month Program

  • Includes 12 one-hour sessions to regain your life and map out an action plan to continue the work we started.


I pledge to coach you towards accountability-based solutions.


My Process 


Step 1. Awareness

What do you desire? We re-connect with the essence of who you are and identify ways to move forward from limiting values and beliefs to a purpose-filled life.

Step 2. Alignment

Next, we discover who we are outside of the external influences. Through the separation of the external, limiting beliefs, we uncover your authentic self and work to align your outer self with your inner self.

Step 3. Affirmation

Once you discard your conflicting beliefs, you will start creating a purposeful, authentic life. We reaffirm who you are and stay accountable to your true mission in life as you live as your true self.

Step 4. Action

Finally, be free to live your life authentically.


Live your life by design and achieve your goals!

I am incredibly grateful for my sessions with Anna. I felt heard within our conversation which flowed organically and there was lots of space for emotion, realizations and clear communication.

- Alex

Before working with Anna, I was struggling with confidence, specifically in my relationships. During our time together I am more aware of my needs and have been able to achieve more self confidence.

- Jasmin

I found Anna to be organized and focused - she sometimes (gently) challenged me to commit to the things that are important to me, and held me accountable to my word. I really needed this, it helped me be in action towards living as my authentic self, and building a life that is meaningful for me. She's fantastic!

- Erica

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